Investments in Volgograd region

10 eason to invest in Volgograd region:

1. Investment legislation in Volgograd region is considered to be one of the best in Russia.
2. All governing levels consider work with investors their top priority.
3. Strategic advantages of geographic position; convenient system of transport and logistics.
4. Political stability in the region.
5. Advanced financial infrastructure.
6. Advanced social and recreational infrastructure.
7. High concentration of modern highly-educated productive forces.
8. Industrial platforms for launching all types of production.
9. Investment offers in all economic spheres – from agriculture and recycling to large-scale projects dealing with preparations for the World Cup 2018, chemical and pharmaceutical cluster, and many others.
10. Unique natural and recreational resources.


An Internet-portal on investment activity has been launched in Volgograd Region. According to the “Volga-media” agency, this informational resource is meant to provide a compelling representation of the region’s investment potential and fully inform all the persons concerned about all the questions touching on investment sphere.
The portal will also allow visitors to address online executive organs of power. Furthermore, the Internet-resource contains an interactive investment map of Volgograd region as well as extensive information on investment appeal of 38 municipal districts and urban districts of Volgograd region.
The Investment portal of Volgograd region can be found at:

Географические характеристики Волгограда

Volgograd is open for investments:

Information on preferences for investors from Russia and abroad

1. The main document regulating the attraction of investment to Volgograd is the regulution by Volgograd City Duma (City Council) titled “On the municipal support of investment activity in Volgograd and on the Competitive selection of investment projects seeking municipal support”. The Regulation distinguishes several possible forms of support:
 - organizational;
 - financial
a) using lower taxation rates, offering investment tax credits;
b) offering (on a competitive basis) municipal guarantees in the amounts necessary for the realization of an investment project;
c) offering benefits for the rent of municipally-owned land and premises used for investment activity within the frame of an investment project in accordance with the municipal legal acts in Volgograd (as for the rent part intended for the city budget);
d) offering (on a competitive basis) free of charge non-refundable subsidies from Volgograd city budget to be used for partial compensation of interest charges on loans taken for the realization of investment projects, including the interest charges on credit contracts of finance lease.
- direct participation of local authorities (via structural subdivisions) in the realization of capital-intensive investment projects;
- other forms of support outlined by the acting legislation of the Russian Federation.
2. With the aim of creating conditions for the activation of entrepreneurship and rational distribution of productive forces, bringing back into use the abandoned production sites of urban enterprises, and increasing employment rates, Volgograd administration is seeking to establish in the city’s territory special zones dedicated to different types of business activity.
As determined by the special Regulation on business activity zones composed in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, Volgograd Oblast and municipal legal acts of Volgograd, participants and primary enterprises located within the territory of these business activity zones will enjoy the following types of municipal support:
For primary enterprises:

- lower rates on local taxation (down to 50%), degression factors applied to the fixed tax rate on imputed income;
- investment tax credits accommodated by an authorized authority in accordance with the acting fiscal legislation of the Russian Federation;
- lower rates for the rent of municipally-owned property and land sites utilized within these business activity zones for business activity.
For participants:
lower rent rates established by a primary enterprise.
3. With the aim of creating favorable conditions for the development of investment activity on Volgograd territory, a Regulation was adopted on the registers of investment projects and investment sites in Volgograd. Inclusion of an investment project in the Register will allow an economic agent:
- to publish their project information on the website of Volgograd administration, as well as include it in presentation materials, reports and expositions intended for Volgograd’s participation in various forums, exhibitions, meetings and other business-related events;
- to receive Volgograd administration’s assistance on competing for state support for investment activities;
- to enjoy a lower rate on the land-use tax (from 1.5 to 0.25% from the site’s cadastral value) until the permission is obtained to put the object into operation (if the proprietor of a land site is intending to build the object in a community-business zone neither for housing reasons nor to use it as a garage);
- to participate in federal, regional and municipal programs (if applicable).

Passports of investment sites can be seen here (tables in Russian):

ЖС 35-ая Гвардейская 10003669

ЖС Бахтурова 10003687

ЖС Водстрой 10003661

ЖС Вучетича 10003683

ЖС Горячеводская 10003671

ЖС Дзержинского Ополченская 10003699

ЖС Жолудева 10003695

ЖС Изюмская 10003663

ЖС квартал Академика Бардина 10003659

ЖС Лазоревая Куйбышева 10003689

ЖС Лазоревая Фролова 10003691

ЖС Никитина 10003679

ЖС пер. Полевой 10003685

ЖС пос. Стройдеталь 10003665

ЖС Радиоцентр 2 10004189

ЖС Северный городок 4 10003705

ЖС Северный городок 6 10003703

ЖС Третьяковская 10003707

ЖС Черемшанская 10003693

Иное Волгоградский завод весоизмерительной техники 10003715

КМЛ файлы

Пром площадка ВгТЗ 10003709

Пром площадка Ермана 10003711