Volgograd rings with the Music of Peace

On August 28, 2019, Volgograd regional branch of the International Public Foundation “Russian Peace Foundation” hosted a concert within the frame of the “Music of Peace” program. A chamber choir under the conduction of Mr. Betin Güneş, based in Cologne, Volgograd’s partner-city from the Western Germany, performed several songs in a variety of languages including Russian, German, Latin and Turkish.



Volgograd students returned from the Future Explorers Summit in Turkey

With the final stage of the project “Future Explorers Summit” having come to fruition, the seven students of Volgograd Gymnasium No.7 safely returned home from the international mission which had been launched this year in the Space Camp of Izmir (Turkey) – a summer program where each of the six days is filled to the brim with fascinating activities aimed at the development of intellectual, artistic and social capabilities of its participants.



An International Parks Forum has been held in Volgograd

On August 9 and 10, Volgograd hosted an International Parks Forum (IPF) – a platform which united leaders of local governments, park managers, landscape designers, urban construction experts, architects and project designers from Moscow, regions of the Russian Federation, the CIS countries and Europe.



A Peace Memorial Ceremony was held in Volgograd

In the early morning of August 6, 2019, the “Stalingrad Battle” panorama museum hosted a Peace Memorial Ceremony, which is held in Volgograd on the annual basis as a sign of solidarity with the city of Hiroshima and a tribute to its civilian residents who perished in the atomic bombing in 1945.



Volgograd schoolers joined the ranks of modern-day pioneers in Jilin

From July 3 to 6, a group of teachers and students from Volgograd Municipal Comprehensive School No. 54 paid a visit to Jilin, one of Volgograd’s Chinese twin-cities. The journey was preceded by two years of e-mail exchange with the High Middle School No. 2, and its directorate, together with the Chinese city’s administration, organized a warm welcome for the Volgograd delegation.



Volgograd delegation took part in the 15th Conference of partner-cities in Germany

Between June 25 and 30, 2019, Volgograd representatives took part in the 15th Conference of German and Russian partner-cities, and also attended the opening ceremony of the exposition “Stalingrad: a Call for Peace” in Cologne, a partner-city of Volgograd.


A round table on Russian-German relations was held in Volgograd's Center for People's Diplomacy

The Center of People’s Diplomacy of Volgograd State University (VolSU) became a platform for the round table “People’s diplomacy as an instrument of the Russian-German international dialogue.” Organized with the support of Rosa Luxembourg Foundation, the event gathered political scientists, historians, sociologists, economists, international relations experts and representatives of public associations.



International Children Drawing Competition has been held in Volgograd

From June 6 to July 27, 2019, the visitors of the Volgograd Regional Children Art Gallery can enjoy an exposition dedicated to the 220th anniversary since the birth of the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin.



Volgograd welcomed peace volunteers from Hiroshima

Between May 23 and 27 of 2019, Volgograd greeted a delegation from our Japanese sister-city Hiroshima – namely, its Peace Culture Foundation, which, last year, started a new international project dedicated to the legacy of the A-bomb.



“Immortal Regiment” processions were held in Volgograd and its sister-cities

The march of memory and pride is uniting cities all over the world, and from one year to another the number of its participants keeps growing -- Volgograd and its partner-cities being no exception.


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