On Coventry Day, Volgograd Peace Foundation members met with an English philanthropist

On the eve of the football match between England and Tunisia, Volgograd organized an event dedicated to its British twin-city and one of the founders of the international twinning movement – Coventry.



On the eve of England-Tunisia football match, a Coventry Day will be held in Volgograd

Volgograd branch of the Russian Peace Foundation and the City of Volgograd announce the launch of the “Twin-Cities’ Days” project held on the occasion of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Among the countries whose matches will be played in Volgograd, there are England and Japan – and it is where the cities of Coventry and Hiroshima are located, to which Volgograd is connected with Agreements on friendship and cooperation!



New tourist information centers have opened in Volgograd

What fascinating landmarks to visit, how to get to the main sport and tourist attractions, which routes and tours to choose — these and many more questions can now be addressed in several new venues placed all over the city for the convenience of football fans and other guests of Volgograd.



International Cultural Exchange Center will open in Volgograd for the FIFA 2018 World Cup

During the whole World Cup period, Volgograd residents and guests of the city will have an opportunity to meet and talk informally to representatives of the countries playing in the city and learn something new about their traditions and culture. The program of the platform will begin on June 15, 2018 with the Day of England.



World Cup fans will see gifts and souvenirs given to Volgograd by various countries

In the anticipation of the 2018 FIFA World Cup matches in Volgograd, on the 8th of June 2018, the “Battle of Stalingrad” museum-panorama will open on its platform a versatile exhibition “To Stalingrad from the World”, the items for which were gathered in cooperation with the Volgograd regional branch of the Russian Military-Historical Society.



“The Battle of Stalingrad” Charitable Foundation gathered civic diplomats from Russia and France

On the 10th of May 2018, Volgograd State Social and Pedagogical University (VSSPU) hosted a round table titled “Volgograd-2018: Russian-French Dialogue in the Area of People’s Diplomacy” organized by the “Battle of Stalingrad” International Charitable Foundation together with the Volgograd branch of Russian Peace Foundation and the “Battle of Stalingrad” Museum-Reserve.



Students of Volgograd State University “tried on” the roles of Mayors and Oberbürgermeisters

The end-of-the-course exams for the linguistic majors specializing in translation and interpretation have recently taken place in VolSU. This year they were organized in an interactive format, which allowed the young people not only to feel the true atmosphere of professional translation, but also to demonstrate their knowledge of culture and political situation in Volgograd’s twin and partner-cities.



A Volgograd Square and a memorial dedicated to the Stalingrad Victory will appear in the center of the British Coventry

Such was the announcement made at the end of the meeting between the Mayor of Volgograd Andrey Kosolapov and the Lord Mayor of Coventry Anthony Skipper. The representatives of Coventry especially noted the high standard to which celebrations of the 75th anniversary of Stalingrad Victory had been held in Volgograd, and the importance of the festivities, which united 28 foreign delegations from 15 countries, for the growing rapport between different nations.



The perspectives of German-Russian relations have been discussed in Berlin

In the evening of March 1, the Russian House of Science and Culture in Berlin hosted the International conference “Perspectives of German-Russian Relations”. The Mayor of Volgograd Andrey Kosolapov took part in it at the invitation of the “DIE LINKE” political faction in the German Bundestag.



“Stalingrad’s Call for Peace” sounded in Rome

On the evening of the 16th February, the exhibition from Volgograd “Stalingrad: a Call for Peace” was opened in the Russian Center for Science and Cultural situated in the Italian capital. The event could boast an excellent attendance including figures from the Italian academic, cultural and business circles, representatives from the Italian twin-cities of Volgograd, leading educational institution of Rome and Volgograd, political experts, students, journalists, members of philanthropic and research organizations. The ceremony was opened by the director of the Russian Center for Science and Cultural Oleg Osipov and the Mayor of Volgograd Andrey Kosolapov.


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