“Immortal Regiment” processions were held in Volgograd and its sister-cities

The march of memory and pride is uniting cities all over the world, and from one year to another the number of its participants keeps growing -- Volgograd and its partner-cities being no exception.



“We are running for peace and friendship!” – amateur sportsmen from Cologne ran a marathon in Volgograd

In 2019, the much-beloved Volgograd marathon “Pobeda”, which lies along the chilly Volga River, has been joined by a delegation of runners from Cologne.



Volgograd’s international initiative – a renovated memorial to soviet soldiers was opened in Germany

The legendary T-34 Soviet tank, which had been installed in a square of Beilrode 44 years ago, was given a new life. On the 25th of April 2019, this military monument symbolizing the valor of Soviet soldiers in the Second World War was re-opened after restoration.


One more Volgograd gymnasium has found a partner in Chemnitz

In March 2019, a group of students from the Gymnasium (grammar school) No. 10 of the Kirovsky district of Volgograd visited our partner-city Chemnitz within the frame of school exchanges which were made possible due to an agreement with the Karl-Schmidt-Rottluff-Gymnasium. The agreement on cooperation between these two institutions was signed in the end of 2018, and both sides expect that the first exchange will grow into many years of mutually beneficent partnership.



Volgograd and Chengdu continue their cooperation through school exchanges

“Russia and China: So Far and Yet So Close” is an international cultural and educational project with several years’ long history, during which it has been realized on the platform of Gymnasium (grammar school) No. 3 of the Central district of Volgograd. In April 2019, their Chinese partner once again was Xue Daojie Middle School aka Yucai Middle School attached to No. 7 High, Xue Dao Campus in the sister-city of Chengdu.



Volgograd took part in the Twin-Cities Conference in Chemnitz

On April 10-11, 2019, Chemnitz (Germany) held the 1st International Conference “Twinning of Cities in Difficult Times.” The declared topic brought together the representatives of partner-cities from more than 10 countries – China, Germany, Finland, France, Great Britain, Mali, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and the USA. As decided by the Russian diplomatic structures, the hero-city of Volgograd was represented at the Forum by the Chair of Volgograd City Duma, Vice-President of the “Twin-Cities” International Association Mr. Andrey Kosolapov. Let us be reminded that Volgograd and Chemnitz are connected by more than 30 years of twinning and active joint work carried out under the aegis of people’s diplomacy.



Torino pays tribute to the greatest Italian genius of the Renaissance



Volgograd State University professor presented his book in Chennai

Professor at the Institute of Economy and Finance (Volgograd State University) Uther Charlton-Stevens, DPhil, performed as a key speaker at the 11th Anglo-Indian Reunion 2019 held in Chennai – the Indian twin-city of Volgograd.



Volgograd districts invite you to the Shrovetide festival

The most intense celebrations will take place at the territory adjacent to the “Russia is My History” interactive museum on the 10th of March. However, this Sunday, playgrounds with versatile competitions, physical and spiritual activities and delicious snacks will be organized in every district of Volgograd. Working hours are from 12.00 to 17.00 (5 pm).



The International Forum of People’s Diplomacy has celebrated its anniversary in Volgograd

On October 31 – November 01, the 5th International Forum of People’s Diplomacy “Dialogue on the Volga: Peace and Mutual Understanding in the 21st Century” was held in Volgograd. Russia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, USA, Slovenia, Côte d'Ivoire, Cyprus, Great Britain, Japan, Serbia, Malta, China, Nigeria – the delegates from these and other countries took part in the discussions, conferences and round tables organized within the frame of the event.


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