Movie recommendations: Inostranka (Madeleine in Odessa)

As we know, people’s or citizen diplomacy is the one that is made not by politicians and certified diplomats but by the regular people living in our cities and countries – whenever they run marathons together, sing, take part in joint festivals… Like a children talent festival as the one described in the 1965 USSR film “Inostranka” (literally, “A Girl from Another Country”, localized as “Madeleine in Odessa”).



How to secure a reply from your twin-city if there’s an ocean between you? Lifehacks from the US and Russian cities

On January 19, 2021, an online platform hosted the second videoconference between the local governments and public organizations of Russia and the US.



“Mayors for Peace” sent to the USA a letter of protest against nuclear tests

One of the organizations for intercity cooperation that Volgograd is a member of, is the International Conference of Mayors for Peace.



Let’s paint this New Year happy! School students of Volgograd and Jilin celebrated their favorite holiday with a drawing competition

Soon, very soon the New Year miracle will come to each and every home! All over the world already, people are making wishes and hoping for the best in the upcoming year, while children are writing letter to Father Frost, making greeting cards to their relatives and taking part in various competitions. From kids to adults, we all believe in miracles and more than ever wait for one to happen!



The “Stalingrad in the History of Britain” exposition has opened in Volgograd

On December 15, 2020, a “Stalingrad in the History of Britain, 1942–1945” poster exhibition opened on the 4th floor of Maxim Gorky’s Volgograd Regional Universal Academic Library.



The twinning of Stalingrad and Coventry became an inspiration for a friendly exchange between Perm and Oxford

In November 2020, the British Oxford and the Russian Perm held a “Perm – Oxford Friendship Week”, dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the cities’ partnership, which dates back to 1995.



International Youth Conference for Peace in the Future summed up its efforts of 2020

On November 22, the International Youth Conference for Peace in the Future 2020 (IYCPF) gathered for the final online-meeting of the passing year. This time, its Zoom-aided platform united over 40 people again.



Volgograd school pupils were awarded prizes in the drawing competition in Chemnitz

In September of 2020, the City of Chemnitz, one of the two Volgograd’s partner-cities in Germany, organized their first international children drawing competition dedicated to the European Mobility Week. Five honorary prizes of this contest, which eventually united five countries, went to Volgograd participants!



An online concert was held in Ostrava – dedicated to the Day of People’s Unity

For several years already, there has been a tradition in Ostrava, Volgograd's Czech twin-city, to organize a concert called “Russian Song” to celebrate the Day of People’s Unity. The main stakeholders of the celebration were the Czech-Russian Society and the “Ostrava Russian House” public association.



International Forum of People’s Diplomacy “Dialogue on the Volga: Peace and Mutual Understanding in the 21st Century” (2020)

On October 31 – November 01, 2020, the 7th International Forum of People’s Diplomacy “Dialogue on the Volga: Peace and Mutual Understanding in the 21st Century” (further referred to as “the Forum”) was held in Volgograd and the Volgograd region, organized under the auspice of the celebrations dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the end of World War 2, and the 75 years of the United Nations Organization.


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