The perspectives of German-Russian relations have been discussed in Berlin

In the evening of March 1, the Russian House of Science and Culture in Berlin hosted the International conference “Perspectives of German-Russian Relations”. The Mayor of Volgograd Andrey Kosolapov took part in it at the invitation of the “DIE LINKE” political faction in the German Bundestag.

How and in what way can we best lay the new foundations for the improvement of relations between Germany and Russia? To answer this question, German parliament members, city mayors, experts, civic figures and Russian diplomats including the recently appointed Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Germany Sergey Nechayev gathered on the discussion platform.

The Mayor of Volgograd Andrey Kosolapov was one of the keynote speakers at the panel discussion “The current state and future opportunities of the economic cooperation between Russia and Germany.” His report focused on the comparative analysis of the development of external economic affairs between Volgograd region and the Federal Republic of Germany in 2015-2017, reflecting their dynamics, existing and potential points of mutual economic growth.

Later, the Mayor of Volgograd also gave one of the closing remarks of the conference.

“Our meeting is a vivid proof that Russia has friends in the German Parliament – the friends that are ready to work on the building of new constructive relations unmarred by sanctions or propaganda, and I believe that we will find a way to fill our cooperation with this very spirit,” emphasized Andrey Kosolapov.

Let us be reminded that today Volgograd, as a center of people’s diplomacy, carries out extensive work to expand and strengthen the “field of trust” in the relations with the other countries and Germany in particular. The leaders of its partner-cities Chemnitz and Cologne and Bundestag members visited Volgograd on February 2 earlier this year to take part in the celebrations dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the victory in Stalingrad.

“The members of our delegation, who had taken part in the festivities of the 75th anniversary of the victory in the Battle of Stalingrad, are still deeply impressed. We were astonished to learn that over 30 delegations had arrived in Volgograd to express their respect for the people of your city and pay tribute to those who had fallen in the Battle of Stalingrad. This demonstrates, first and foremost, that we realize our responsibility and understand that the prevention of such tragedies and the crimes of this scale is our joint duty,” pointed out in their speech the leaders of the “DIE LINKE” political faction in the German Bundestag Dietmar Bartsch and Sahra Wagenknecht.

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