Joint project of Volgograd and Chemnitz received an award from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

On September 14, Berlin hosted the closing ceremony of the Russian-German Year of Regional-Municipal Partnerships 2017/2018, which was held under the auspices of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Russia and Germany.

Among the events dedicated to the Year, there was a contest of outstanding projects between partner-cities and partner-regions, the winners of which had their diplomas presented to them personally by Sergey Lavrov and his colleague from Germany Heiko Maas.

Secondary School No. 93 of the Sovetsky District of Volgograd and Annen-School (Annenschule) from the city of Chemnitz applied for the competition with their exchange project, according to which one year the German schoolchildren who study Russian as the second foreign language visit Volgograd, and the next year their Volgograd peers who study German come to Chemnitz. The Municipalities of both cities support this project in all domains, thereby helping to develop communication between cities at the level of public diplomacy, to preserve historical memory and to make the cultural and historical studies of Russia and Germany into a truly exciting process.

The project is useful not only for pupils, but also for their teachers: during such exchanges, they share their know-hows and comments on the issue of teaching foreign languages, and can observe the process of live communication to identify the pitfalls their can face and the areas they encounter most difficulties in, as well as decide how said difficulties can be eliminated.

On September 14, a group of students and teachers from the secondary school No. 93 happened to be in Chemnitz as a part of their exchange program’s next stage, and therefore both schools managed to send their representatives to attend the award ceremony in Berlin. In total, 30 pairs of cities received honorary diplomas signed by both foreign ministers. Volgograd and Chemnits were invited to the scene first, and among those who joined in the congratulations was the ex-mayor and honorary citizen of Volgograd Yuri Staryovatykh, participant and moderator of the Concluding Conference for the the Russian-German Year of Regional-Municipal Partnerships 2017/2018.

Now the awarded document is stored in the municipality of Volgograd.

We are pleased to note that just before the awards, the exchange project between School No. 93 and Annenshule was attributed an international status by the Department of Education of Volgograd administration.

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