German bard presented in Volgograd his project “Music, Not War”

On October 4, 2018, a German performer Tino Eisbrenner, known at home as a popularizer of Russian musical culture and an ardent opponent of the policy of alienation between Germany and Russia, performed at Volgograd Conservatory named after Serebryakov.

He stands his social ground both in words and deeds by singing his own translations of songs by Russian bards, and introducing listeners to pieces of German musical culture. In every performance, he emphasizes what Germans and Russians have in common, and there is much more in it than meets the eye, for example, a deep appreciation of art and beauty.

Eisbrenner arrived in Volgograd as part of the representative delegation of the Left Party in the land parliaments of the Federal Republic of Germany. The trip was informative in its nature and aimed at helping the party representatives who had not visited our country before to form an independent impression about Russia and make new useful contacts.

Tino's acquaintance with the management and students of the Conservatory became undoubtedly useful: the concert hall was filled with songs by Okudzhava (whom Eisbrenner calls “a Soviet Leonard Cohen”), Vysotsky, Nikitin and other bards. The performance was followed by a friendly conversation with young Volgograd musicians, during which Eisbrenner all kinds of questions, and not only about his art.

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