Volgograd youths answered the questions about our twin and partner-cities

Coventry (Great Britain), Liege (Belgium), Hiroshima (Japan) – what do they all have in common? The correct answer is that they are all Volgograd’s twin-cities and have the streets of our city named after them. On October 14, Volgograd Regional Library for Young People hosted a “What? Where? When?” (quiz-like team game) tournament dedicated to the international twinning movement.

Held on the occasion of the upcoming World Cities Day designated by the UN (and celebrated on October 31), the tournament was organized by the Volgograd Intellectual Club, to which the International and regional relations directorate of Volgograd administration provided its support and some thematic memorabilia to be used as prizes. The intellectual battle brought together three young teams, most of whom played “What? Where? When?” for the first time in their lives.

The questions were focused on Volgograd’s twin and partner-cities located in Europe, Asia and the USA – the game’s participants travelled from Cleveland through Liege and Coventry as far as to Chengdu. The main focus was on the history of the cities, their cultural and gastronomic peculiarities, as well as funny incidents which the authors of the questions read up in newspapers.

The responses to the first 20 questions were given in writing, whereas for the last 10 questions the correct answer had to be drawn. In such a way, the organizers tested the so-called “Picasso” game format which they learned in Leningrad region after spending their summer in the leisure camp for quiz enthusiasts.

The victory went to the aptly-named “Steam Ship Victory” team that gave 15 correct answers. Two of its participants had previously played “What? Where? When?” once, and this tournament was their second try. For those who want to join in the “What? Where? When?” movement, remember that experience is not everything. The intellectual fortune favors those who know a lot, think quick, use their logic and… feel lucky!

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