Volgograd delegation took part in the 15th Conference of partner-cities in Germany

Between June 25 and 30, 2019, Volgograd representatives took part in the 15th Conference of German and Russian partner-cities, and also attended the opening ceremony of the exposition “Stalingrad: a Call for Peace” in Cologne, a partner-city of Volgograd.

The official delegation consisted of the Chair of Volgograd City Council Mr. Andrey Kosolapov, head of the International and regional relations directorate of Volgograd Mayor’s office Mr. Sergey Lapshinov, and Chair of the Volgograd branch of the International Public Foundation “Russian Peace Foundation” Mr. Yury Starovatykh.

On June 26, the delegation’s members attended the panel discussion “Russian-German relations: quo vadis?”, and joined in the working group “Civil society is shaping intercity partnership: ways of interaction as the ways to peace” and delivered reports at the session called “Cooperation between civil societies in partner-cities. Possibilities and limits of people’s and municipal diplomacy”, where Andrey Kosolapov and Yury Starovatykh spoke about Volgograd’s work in the area of people’s diplomacy and the significance of the year 2019 in the history of the international twinning movement.

On June 28, the Kartäuserkirche (Church) in Cologne hosted the opening ceremony of the “Stalingrad: a Call for Peace” exposition and a plenary session “Culture of memory in the two countries and the possibility to extend the influence of the civic society on the relations between Germany and Russia”, during which the members of Volgograd delegation presented their words of greetings and expert opinions. Both events had been organized by the “Cologne – Volgograd” Friendship Society chaired by Ms. Eva Aras.

On the same day, Volgograd delegation visited the City Hall of Cologne to discuss future cooperation with the Vice-Mayor Ms. Elfi Scho-Antwerpes, who welcomed them during this courtesy call.

After the demonstration in Cologne, the exposition “Stalingrad: a Call for Peace” will move to the Spandau district of Berlin until the end of August.

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