Volgograd schoolers joined the ranks of modern-day pioneers in Jilin

From July 3 to 6, a group of teachers and students from Volgograd Municipal Comprehensive School No. 54 paid a visit to Jilin, one of Volgograd’s Chinese twin-cities. The journey was preceded by two years of e-mail exchange with the High Middle School No. 2, and its directorate, together with the Chinese city’s administration, organized a warm welcome for the Volgograd delegation.

The first day of the visit featured an official reception attended by the Director of Jilin’s Education Department, the Secretary of the city’s Communist Party, and the Principal and Vice-Principals of the Chinese School itself. In a solemn and festive atmosphere, the two educational institutions signed an Agreement on Cooperation.

“We were given a chance to witness the studying processes on all educational stages in China,” recalls the Principal of School No. 54 Mrs. Nadezhda Belibikhina. “In our partner-school, we attended a Geography lesson and psychological session, and took part in a round table together with the Chinese students and teachers.
“Next day, we went to the elementary school Yaqiao, where the junior classes recited poems in English and Chinese, and then accepted our students into the ranks of pioneers! Then, after lunch, we were taken to the local vocation training college located in a “zone for profession-oriented education”, which is a vast area at the outskirts of the town and including not only the campus, library and study halls, but several enterprises as well.
“Our next stop was the Northeast China Institute of Electric Power Engineering. Our guide was its Vice-Rector– himself a graduate of the High Middle School No 2. He kindly showed us the main building, its laboratories and the adjacent territory, which had a landscape design reminiscent of the Caucasus-based Russian resorts.”

The hosting part made sure that Volgograd guests had time not only for work, but for play, too, as well as for some time with the unique nature and most famous curiosities of Jilin.

The first evening in Jilin ended in a walk along the Sungari River’s embankment. Volgograd students saw the city adorned with the evening lights and the dancing fountain stretching for 500 meters along the river bank.

Among the other travel points, there were the Meteorite Museum, the Wooden Architecture Museum, a tour to the “Children World” island, a walking trip to the mountains where a Buddhist temple is located, and a ride to the observation platform of the Vanke ski resort.

The concluding event in the program of the visit was the festive concert , the program of which included a tea ceremony, Chinese folk dances and, from Volgograd side, a sing-along rendition of “Katysha”.

“Children were ecstatic after the journey, especially the time spent in their hosting families. The Chinese parents were so caring and attentive, respectful and kind; they even cooked traditional dishes for our students. The experience boosted their enthusiasm to study English more diligently, read more books, watch educational programs,” sums up their experience the Principal Nadezhda Belibikhina.

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