Volgograd students returned from the Future Explorers Summit in Turkey

With the final stage of the project “Future Explorers Summit” having come to fruition, the seven students of Volgograd Gymnasium No.7 safely returned home from the international mission which had been launched this year in the Space Camp of Izmir (Turkey) – a summer program where each of the six days is filled to the brim with fascinating activities aimed at the development of intellectual, artistic and social capabilities of its participants.

Working with the NASA representatives via a series of teleconferences, the teens developed their own projects which were later presented to the teams of young explorers from the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Greece, Spain and Turkey . Discussions with real space explorers, a scientific fair, all-English sessions have left a deep impression not only in the hearts of the Russian team, but in all Space Camp dwellers. Another success for Volgograd representatives was their performance on the Evening of Talents, for which our students prepared a dance and a folk song.

Studying the night sky through the telescope and admiring the space objects in the digital planetarium, the Russian team deepened their understanding of planets and constellations, seeing them in a completely new light. The camp trainees experienced zero-gravity, took part in a Moon-walking simulation, went through the training reserved for real astronauts, looked inside a real rocket, and got a glimpse of what the outer space feels like for a man in a spacesuit. In the end of the summer shift, students were awarded personal certificates for their mastery of the English language, excellent teamwork and successful achievement of all their goals.

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