A program of New Year’s festivities in Volgograd: approved and ready

The list of New Year’s events 2019, starting as soon as in the middle of December, includes festivals, musicals, discos, flash mobs, photo contests and sports competitions. The main holiday platform will be a freshly rebuilt and beautified Tsaritsyno park in the floodplain of the Tsaritsa River. Other city districts, though, will also get their fair share of New Year festivities.

Those looking for spectacular and massive holiday events can already check out their program at the website of the Volgograd administration: http://www.volgadmin.ru/d/list/ads/admvlg/i1034.

On December 19, holiday celebrations will start at Margarita Agashina’s Central City Library. The opening event will be the “Angel Wings” New Year Mosaic planned as a part of the library’s “Spread Kindness” social project. The young readers and their parents will meet Ded Moroz (Father Frost), watch a theatrical performance and, of course, receive gifts. Until the end of December, many Volgograd libraries will follow suit and organize festive events for children and adult audiences.

Apart from that, in December and January, Volgograd residents will be able to enjoy hockey battles at open ice rinks, art workshops, youth festivals, New Year’s installation contests, performances by children art groups and many more things.

As for the “official” city-wide festivities, the start will be given on December 28. An opening event will be the massive “Samovar” Youth Festival held around the main New Year Tree of the city and complete with music numbers, quizzes and photo zones.

On December 31, Volgograd residents and guests of the city are invited to the Ice Mix Show program. Starting at 11 p.m. and ending at 2 a.m. in the early morning of January 1, the program will include concerts, a disco party, contests, games, a broadcast of the New Year speech by the President of Russia and, of course, interaction with Ded Moroz and his granddaughter Snegurochka. At 1 a.m., the New Year's fireworks will begin at the main Christmas tree of Volgograd.

In the afternoon of January 1, kids and their parents are invited to the Tsaritsyno park again, where an interactive quest “Magician of the New Year’s City” will be organized. Actually, throughout the New Year holidays, festive performances for children will be held in the Tsaritsyno park on a daily basis. Starting from January 2, culture and youth policy institutions in each of the city’s districts will treat Volgograd residents and guests to bright show programs and musicals every day. Volgograd Musical Theater in particular will organize a New Year outdoor concert, and the “Volgograd Concert” municipal institution will hold a free-to-enter karaoke contest “Voice of Volgograd”. 8 singing teams representing the 8 districts of Volgograd will meet on the stage near the main New Year Tree on January 4.

At the same place and on the same day – January 4 – here, in the Tsaritsyno park, the final stage of the “Fill the Holiday with Wonders” festival contest of winter-themed photo zones will be held. Winners of the festival will be announced on the same day. One-of-a-kind New Year installations created by the participants will be displayed near the “Russia is My History” interactive museum. The competition was announced back on December 2 – and during just one week, the organizing committee has already received more than 30 applications from separate authors and whole teams, so Volgograd’s residents and guests will have the opportunity to take unique photographs.

At Christmas on January 7, Volgograd residents are invited to the “Christmas Flame” festival of fire and light – a three-hour-long show fiery, laser and light show accompanied by music and displaying the mastery of pyrotechnic teams from several Russian cities.

Source: http://www.volgadmin.ru/d/list/news/admvlg/i26561

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