Volgograd musicians performed at an online festival in China

Students and professors of the Pavel Serebryakov Volgograd Conservatory were featured in the online program of Chengdu International Sister Cities Youth Music Festival organized by Volgograd’s Chinese partner.

For the past 13 years, Chengdu has been inviting young performers and musicians from all over the world to play at modern and historical platforms of Sichuan Province. Over this time, the Festival has evolved significantly and had its circle of friends expanded from Argentine to Korea. However, in 2020, due to the unprecedented impact of COVID-19, the organizers for the first time had to cancel most of its offline events.

While artists residing in China performed in the main stage set in Chengdu Eastern Suburb Memory Park, more artists outside of China joined the festival through virtual connections by recording and sending its organizers an HD performance video.

Throughout September 1, 2020, the City of Chengdu was publishing ролики на своей странице в Фейсбуке:


In 2020, Volgograd was represented at the Festival by the students and teachers of the Pavel Serebryakov Volgograd Conservatory :

Ms. Viktoria Kovalenko, a Conservatory teacher and an award-winning participant of numerous international and all-Russian competitions with a song “Where are you, though, my dream?” («Где же ты, мечта?») – music by Eduard Artemiev, lyrics by Natalia Konchalovskaya A 3rd year student Ms. Anastasia Smirnova (artistic coordinator – Professor Inna Bezuglova), an award-winning participant of numerous international and all-Russian competitions., with the Op. 39, etude-tableau No. 1 in C minor by Sergei Rakhmaninoff – a solo piece for a virtuoso player.

A 4th year student Ms. Daria Solomakhina with the romance “I am a simple girl from a melon field” («Я - простая девка на баштане») with music by Sergey Vasilenko and lyrics by Ivan Bunin.

A duet of double bass and piano by Andrey Kondrakov и Arina Shkolina (artistic coordinator – Mr. Anatoly Vasilenko) – they performed the “Melody” piece by Alexander Vlasov. This prominent Russian cello player of the 20th century dedicated his composition to his tutor Semion Kozolupov, one of the founders of the Russian School of Cello. Vlasov wrote his “Melody” piece in the night after his teacher’s death as a tribute to his memory and a manifestation of the deepest gratitude.


The students of Volgograd Conservatory dedicated their performance to all the medical staff who sacrificed their lives in the fight against the pandemic.

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