Volgograd and Cologne through the eyes of youth: a new project by the partner-cities

After a long break, the year 2020/21 has once again been designated as the Year of Germany in Russia – an especially promising initiative for Volgograd, which has not one, but two partner-cities in the FRG: Chemnitz and Cologne. With the first of them, it is on the level of school exchanges that the most active cooperation is done. In the Cologne case, though, it is college and university students who take the lead. Most fittingly, they will become key participants of the new online project dedicated to the two partner-cities – slightly less lively (due to the pandemic), but just as lovely as ever.

For several years, students of the Volgograd Institute of Management – branch of the Russian Academy for National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA) have been taking part in student exchanges and internship programs on the platform of Cologne City Hall – the programs that, sadly, were temporarily suspended in 2020. The “Nostalgia Tourist” project is aimed to help our cities return to the cooperation and communication in this sphere – in the online format, to begin with.

The first stage of the project will last until the end of March: Volgograd and Cologne participants are offered to try themselves in the role of travel-bloggers by filming and editing short videos about the streets, parks and sites (including the little-known ones), of their cities.

The best resulting videos will be displayed on the websites dedicated to Volgograd’s international activity in the area of people’s diplomacy, and their authors in Volgograd RANEPA’s will get rewarded with higher chances to join the real-life Russia-Germany exchanges in future.

After that, the project participants will gather for an online meeting to introduce each other, make new friends, compare and discuss the results of their work – and, maybe, put a start to the whole series of video conferences, which may as well continue in September.

Through the nest month, stay with us for a whole number of articles dedicated to the Russian project participants – the students of the VIM and the many edges of Volgograd itself – as seen through their eyes.

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