Volgograd through the eyes of Angelina Kushnir (VIM, RANEPA)

Today is the day when we start writing about the glorious participants of the “Nostalgia Tourist” project jointly realized by Volgograd and Cologne. On all smartphone screens today will be the first video editor: Angelina Kushnir, first-year student majoring in Sociology on the platform of Volgograd Institute of Management – RANEPA branch.

In her spare time, Angelina loves working on her singing voice. She also believes that everything in this life is worth trying once (except for the things outright prohibited by the Penal Code), so this competition was for her a must-do.

Her video is dedicated to Volgograd’s Central Embankment – the go-to place for Volgograd youths and their friends, especially in summer.

Why did you choose this location for your video?

Angelina Kushnir: What I like most is nature: parks, bodies of water. And the embankment is all of that in one area. It is a mesmerizing place to walk along in the evening, while talking to someone about everything personal, listening to street musicians and enjoying the panorama of Volga.

What reasoning would you use to persuade foreign friends to visit Volgograd?

Angelina Kushnir: I think our city is to be visited primarily for the historic and cultural value it holds. Volgograd has a rich history so rich that studying it can take a lot of time – and where is it best to spend this time? Naturally, it is in the very city that you are investigating.

Now imagine yourself a tourist: let’s say you have one day in a completely unfamiliar city. Where would you go, or what would you do first?

Angelina Kushnir: Where I would go first in an unfamiliar city… Most probably, it would be an art or museum exhibition, or a little restaurant with relatively exotic food. I love trying and tasting everything new, and this is what I always do first in a new place.

Watch the video by Angelina Kushnir on YouTube:

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