Study Russian in Volgograd

Are you interested in the Russian language, culture and history? Volgograd is one of the most famous cities in Russia, and its universities offer you a great opportunity to immerse in the exciting atmosphere of the Russian life and combine studies of the language with cultural studies, turning the combination of both into an intensive course.
Volgograd is one of the most interesting cities on the Great Russian River Volga. In more than 400 years of its history, the city has been shaped by the glory of military battles, the multiple cultures of more than 100 nationalities living in its territory in peace and good will, the traditions of the largest educational center of the South of Russia, and the uniqueness of the Russian nature. Today you have the opportunity to see and study all these things through your own experience, which can become a highlight of your summer.
Volgograd universities offer foreign students educational programs in various spheres and of various intensities and durations. Below you can find an overview of the main educational platforms in Volgograd, the contents of their programs and their schedules, in order to choose a course of the Russian language which would be most appropriate to your demands.
We have got courses of different levels, starting with those for absolute beginners and ending with programs for advanced learners. All educational platforms are properly equipped with the facilities necessary in the educational process. They have already become homes for the students of different ages and from different countries. If it is the cultural component that ranks highest among your priorities, you may be interested in our programs “The Russian language +” or “The summer school on the Volga”. Each of them is a unique opportunity to learn more about the life and culture of the modern Russia. You can find more detailed information at the sites of the courses.
Educational programs provide all students the chance to take part in excursions and get familiar with the sights of Volgograd. From here, you can easily arrange individual trips to Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Olympic Sochi. We will be pleased to give you advice and assist you in organization of individual tours, visits to theatres and concerts.

Preparatory Russian language course for foreign citizens

The Russian language course of Volgograd State University is designed to prepare foreign citizens for their future enrollment in a Russian University to obtain bachelor’s, master’s or Ph.D’s degree in human science, economics, computer and natural science.The teachers of Russian language are highly qualified professionals with experience in teaching foreign students from all parts of the world.
During the learning process you will study different subjects such as reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar and country history and culture. The Russian language course for beginners is taught in English so you need to have a sufficient level of English (at least B1). The courses of medium and advanced level are taught in Russian. After completion of the course you will pass final exams and get the certificate of Russian language proficiency.
You can choose between the courses of different durations:
1) winter semester (September 15 – December 31), application deadline – until August 1, education fee – 45,500 rubles,
2) summer semester (February 15 – June 31), application deadline – until December 25, education fee – 45,500 rubles,
3) academic year (2 semesters) (September 15 – June 31), application deadline – until August 1, education fee – 91,000 rubles.

The Russian Language and Culture Summer School

The Summer School Volgograd State University is designed for everybody interested in Russian language and culture, as well as for students specializing in Russian language. The lessons are taught for participants with any level of Russian proficiency (beginner, intermediate, advanced level).
We propose to participants not only education but also a cultural program. The fee is 27 000 rubles (education and dormitory).

Volgograd State University offers you an accommodation in dormitory, situated in 5 minutes’ walk from the University. There are rooms for 2 and 3 persons. Each room is equipped with free Internet access, desks, bookshelves, and single beds. The common kitchen is on each floor. The cost of living is about 1,500 rubles per month.

To apply for a Russian language course please fill in the application form on the web-site: Your application will be considered within the shortest period of time and you will get a reply by e-mail. If your application is accepted, you will be required the following documents::
•  Passport copy
•  6 photos (size 3x4 cm),
•  health certificate and fluorography picture,
•  medical insurance (obtainable in Russia).

Telephone: +7(8442) 460291
E-mail: Web:

Office hours :
Monday – Thursday -- 9:00 – 17:00 (Moscow time)
Friday -- 9:00 – 16:00 (Moscow time)

To be mastered properly, the Russian language should be studied in its native country. Volgograd State Social and Pedagogical University, which is one of the oldest universities in Volgograd, allows you to get acquiainted with all sides of the Russian culture and the Russian pedagogical school via your immersion in the world of the great Russian language.
The faculty for foreign citizens’ training offers a wide variety of courses for students, trainees, and teachers at all levels and all stages of the educational process without any age restrictions. The main courses are:
- Pre-university training program “Russian as a foreign language” (1 year). Russian is taught from the very start;
- Bachelor’s program “Foreign language (Russian)” (4 years). Course graduates are awarded a state diploma and a bachelor’s degree;
- Master’s program “Russian as a foreign language” (2 years). Course graduates are awarded a state diploma and a master’s degree;
- The postgraduate and doctoral programs are available;
- Short-term training programs (from one month to one year). The are developed individually depending on the students’ demands.
Teaching is done by experienced academic staff that prepares foreign specialists in accordance with international educational standards. The majority of teachers have a large experience of working abroad, many of them have worked and are still working in higher educational establishments of Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Vietnam, Laos, China, Canada and other countries.  
The university is situated in the city center, with an easy access to transportation and next to the main cultural sights and the city’s shopping zone.
Contact information:
Faculty for international students of Volgograd State Social and Pedagogical University
Telephone: +7 8442 60 23 11
Contact person: Tatiana Tereshenko (Dean of the Faculty)
A unique opportunity to combine the Russian language studies with the immersion into the secrets of the Russian medicine and the world-famous health of Russian bogatyrs is provided by Volgograd State Medical University.
The Russian language program for foreigners lasts one year.
It corresponds to the program of the preparatory faculty – the starting educational course lasting from one to ten months and mostly focusing on medical lexicon.
It is aimed at foreigners with zero previous level of the Russian language who are planning to continue their training in Volgograd State Medical University afterwards in Russian and in English.
The program allows to master grammar and vocabulary as well as general scientific and medical terminology.
The provided course is carried out within the academic year; it is aimed at the students from CIS and non-CIS states with no age restrictions.
Contact information:
International division of Volgograd State Medical University
Telephone: +7 8442 38 53 55
Contact person: Andrei Chesnokov (Head of the International division)
Richness of the Russian language combined with the treasures of the Russian nature, national traditions and culture are the key features of the Russian language course for foreigners organized on the basis of one of the leading agrarian universities of Russia – Volgograd State Agrarian University.
Volgograd State Agrarian University is one of the largest educational and research centers which prepares highly qualified staff for the agro-industrial complex of the Russian Federation, CIS and non-CIS countries.
The university implements more than 380 educational programs of different kinds.
There are all the conditions for the preparation of highly qualified specialists:
• 8 faculties (agro-technological, biotechnological, veterinary medicine, engineering and technological, processing procedures and commodity science, service and tourism, economical, electric utilities, ecological and ameliorative);
• Training scientific and production center «Gornaya polyana» (11,000 hectares);
• Center of veterinary and clinical medicine;
• Center of information and communication technologies;
• 6 problem-solving research and scientific laboratories;
• More than 20 training centers;
• Publishing and polygraphic complex, etc.
In 2011 Volgograd state agrarian university was awarded with the quality management system certificate (standard ISO 9001:2008).
International training center «OST-WEST»
Volgograd State Agrarian University provides training in different majors within the program «Russian as a foreign language» for students, trainees, and teachers at all levels and all the stages of the training process without any age restrictions.
The key directions of the training are:
• Educational program of pre-university training "Russian as a foreign language" – 1 year. In the frame of this program Russian is taught from the very beginning;
 Trainee programs (from 10 days to 6 months). The trainee programs are developed individually in accordance with the demands of the students;
• Organization of summer language schools;
• The Russian language test resulting in the certificate which allows to receive the citizenship and the permission for employment;
• Services on youth tourism and excursions in Volgograd and Volgograd region.
Training is implemented by highly qualified teaching staff, providing the preparation of foreign specialists in accordance with the requirements of international educational standards.
Contact information:
International division of Volgograd State Agrarian University
Telephone: +7 8442 46-94-87
Contact person: Galina Grishina (Chief of the international relations division)





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