People’s Diplomacy Center will open its doors in 2015

It was two years ago, during the “People’s diplomacy as a guarantee of cities’ stable development in the XXI century” International forum held at the premises of Volgograd State University, that the idea of establishing a People’s Diplomacy Center in Volgograd was announced for the first time. Such an initiative was suggested by the city’s municipality and supported by numerous forum participants along with the university’s rector Oleg Inshakov. Currently the project’s initiators are making the first practical step to bring the center into action within the realization plan of the conception aimed to obtain the federal status of the people’s diplomacy capital for Volgograd.
On February 3, 2015, Volgograd State University hosted a ceremony of signing an agreement between the hero-city of Volgograd and Volgograd State University on the establishment of a People’s Diplomacy Center. The signing was attended by civic community, foreign guests and students of the city.
The 70 years of the municipality’s peacemaking efforts and of the development of the international twinning movement, which was founded by the Soviet Stalingrad and the British Coventry, are now taking the particular shape of the People’s Diplomacy Center. This Center is an outcome of the municipality’s decades-long work on regional and international levels. During these years, we have accumulated some unique experience in the utilization of people’s diplomacy tools for the realization of the most important social, economic and cultural projects. As a result, today Volgograd is ready to systematize the international activity of Russian cities in order to give this work a new tone and a new impulse for development.
People’s Diplomacy Center will become a universal communication platform for Russian and foreign municipalities as well as related international organizations. Here it is planned to develop and realize unparalleled in Russia educational programs for young people, municipal and state officers serving in the area of international relations.
The Center has been established on the basis of Volgograd State University. The Center’s facilities and resources are accumulated through the joint efforts of the municipality and the university. The Center’s basic working directions are the following:
- systematization of the experience of Russian cities in the area of international activities,
- development and realization of interregional and international projects in the area of people’s diplomacy,
- development and realization of educational programs for students in the area of people’s diplomacy and international cooperation,
- development and realization of further education programs for municipal and state officers working in the area of international cooperation,
- enlargement of the connections with national and international institutions and associations for international cooperation with the aim of realizing socially significant projects on the territory of Volgograd and attracting additional financial support,
- elaboration and promotion of academic, methodic, instructional and educational literature on the topics of people’s diplomacy and international connections,
Through the combined efforts of the municipality, scientific and educational institutions of the region, Volgograd has a good chance to become a capital of people’s diplomacy in the nearest future and take its proper place in the world system of public construction and humanitarian cooperation.  

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