“Immortal Regiment” processions were held in Volgograd and its sister-cities

The march of memory and pride is uniting cities all over the world, and from one year to another the number of its participants keeps growing -- Volgograd and its partner-cities being no exception.

In the Czech city of Ostrava, the procession was held for the fourth time and organized by the Czech-and-Russian Society and Ostrava Russian House civic associations with the regional branch of the Freedom Fighters’ Union. With Masarykova náměstí as a starting point, on the 9th of May the Regiment’s participants marched through the city’s central streets as far as the Komenskoho Park, where a flower-laying ceremony and a short meeting were held at the Memorial to the Liberators and next to the graves of Czechoslovak and Soviet defendants of the city. On May 6, 2018 the “Immortal Regiment” procession was initiated in Cologne (Germany). Among its participants were members of the “Cologne-Volgograd” Friendship Association, many of whom have Russian roots.

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