“The true cooperation goes from heart to heart,” the UK Deputy Ambassador to Russia Ms. Lindsay Skoll visited a dance school in Volgograd

On the 11th and 12th October 2019, the UK Deputy Ambassador to Russia Ms. Lindsay Skoll paid her second visit to Volgograd. During this time, she laid a wreath at the eternal Fire on the Mamay Hill, became a referee at the bilingual Out Allowed reading contest and met with the students of Volgograd City-Funded Institution of Extracurricular Education “Children School of Choreographic Art”.

The aim of the meeting was for Ms. Skoll to get acquainted with the young members of the children folk dance ensemble “Volzhanochka” , who became participants of the project called “The 75th anniversary of the modern twinning movement. Volgograd – Coventry: look into the future”, and initiated by the “Academy of Success” public organization on the occasion of the international twinning movement jubilee. In the end of October 2019, the dance group is coming to the British city of Coventry, that in 1944concluded the first ever twinning agreement with the Soviet Stalingrad.

Students greeted Moscow guests with traditional bread & salt and accompanied to the main building. The school’s Principal Ms. Olga Ananieva organized a brief excursion through the school premises including the theory classroom and dance halls, drew the visitors’ attention to the gallery of photos and portraits depicting the outstanding artists of the past, and the dance costumes exhibition. After that, the dance group performed several routines from the program intended for Convetry.

In her reply, Ms. Skoll heartily thanked the management, teachers and students of the school (as well as the children’s parents) for their hard work and their warm welcome, expressed her delight at the dancers’ talent and emphasized the importance of cultural and interpersonal contacts for cementing the friendship between Russia and Great Britain. Furthermore, Ms. Skoll promised to make it her personal challenge to establish the contacts between the “Volzhanochka” ensemble and a dance school from Britain.

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