Volgograd through the eyes of Alena Skachkova (VIM, RANEPA)

We will now continue to introduce to our dear audience in Volgograd and Cologne the participants of the Russian-German project “Nostalgia Tourist”. Today on air is Alena Skachkova, a second-year student of the Economic Department of Volgograd Institute of Management – RANEPA branch.

Alena likes reading, taking long strolls and chatting with her friends in the rays of the setting sun and to the accompaniment of good music – which she, after several years of music school, can just as well provide herself.

“I am very curious by nature. My interest can be sparkled by just anything!” reveals Alena. No wonder she has studied Volgograd to and through!

In her video, Alena gathered the places that she personally finds most meaningful: the park in the Tsaritsa River basin, the Volga bank, the Square of Fallen Fighters, the Peace Street and the Mamay Hill.

What reasoning would you use to persuade foreign friends to visit Volgograd?

Alena Skachkova: I would recommend visiting our city so that the foreign guests could feel the warm and bright Volgograd sun, see our main treasure – the Volga River, without which I cannot even imagine our city! I want all Volgograd guests to see the wonderful places that I admire with all my heart!

Now imagine yourself a tourist: let’s say you have one day in a completely unfamiliar city. Where would you go, or what would you do first?

Alena Skachkova: First of all, of course, I will explore the city! I will take a walk through its streets, learn about its main sights and definitely find a nature spot to feel exactly what gives life to this city.

Watch the video by Alena Skachkova on YouTube: https://youtu.be/C1FA9E0GE_U

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