Volgograd - “The Territory of Victories”

During a meeting in Moscow, Coordination council of the Russian Federal Agency for Tourism has approved the idea to establish on the territory of Volgograd region a touristic cluster for moral and patriotic education under the name of “The Territory of Victories”. This cluster is supposed to incorporate touristic infrastructure of Volgograd, Volzhsky and Kamyshin, thus becoming an establishment of federal importance. The project is aimed at increasing the region’s touristic appeal, and at the holistic implementation of the Volga River’s recreational potential. Authors of the projects expect the cluster to boost the number of the region’s visitors, and increase investment and touristic appeal of the region as a hosting place of several matches of the FIFA World Cup 2018.
The cluster’s patriotic aspect will manifest itself most vividly in the hero-city of Volgograd – a home not only to the nationally famous memorials to the heroes of the Battle of Stalingrad, but also to a complex of smaller museums. In particular, the implementation program will include the renovation of the “Old Sarepta” Museum and Natural Reserve. Apart from the victory in the Battle of Stalingrad, the regional cluster will focus on the Volga River – this particular aspect is scheduled to be realized in Volzhsky via the establishment of an innovative amusement park and recreational areas amidst natural environment.
The city of Kamyshin will be positioned as a source of the will-to-win spirit. Here, the touristic complex will be centered on the interactive museum of air force warfare dedicated to the memory of the pilot Aleksei Maresiev. Furthermore, the city will feature the complex “The Watermelon Land” (Strana Arbuzia), and the museum “Palpable Reality” (Osiazaemaia realnost.)
All the three cities will have to undergo considerable transformation complete with the construction of cycle paths, the renovation of beaches, the establishment of barrier-free environment for the disabled, and the construction (or renovation) of wharves for holiday cruisers. Additionally, the region is planning to develop a comprehensive system of touristic navigation comprising everything from signposts to mobile applications and available for all visitors.
The overall sum to be spent on the implementation of this program amounts to 6.6 million rubles. It is expected that 70% of the finances will be provided by investors, 25% by the federal budget, and 5% will be co-financed by the region itself.

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